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Friday, May 29, 2015
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Letter: Cindy G. Price
Reward good with evil?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Only in America. Folks, I write with absolute passion and heartfelt love unlike anything I've ever known from a human being.

I awoke this morning to have my cup of coffee and read my daily newspaper only to become so sick to my stomach that I puked. When I saw that our country, which my husband gave his life for, rewards evil with good, I questioned my own faith. It is most evident the "one nation under God" theory was thrown out centuries ago. We took prayer out of school, yet we reward cruel, ungodly mistreatment of God's creatures at the tune of millions of dollars. What kind of sick-minded people have we become.

Folks, I own a breed of dog that's a Staffordshire Terrier. Some people call them pit bulls. She has been with me nearly 11 years. She is the most sweet, humble, loving, 100-pound baby you'd ever meet. I honestly cherish her friendship in a world where anything is acceptable. Well, it don't work that way in my home, folks.

Animals don't know much more than what they are taught. I must ask what was that two-legged pro football player taught when he was growing up. My opinion is, we should all pull together and demand (baseball player) Pete Rose be inducted in the Hall of Fame. After all, his crime was nothing in comparison to (NFL player) Michael Vick.

As a child, my momma always told me, if anyone could mistreat God's animals, they would surely mistreat a human. Yet the good old USA rewards such evil. As I stated earlier, what kind of sick-minded people have we become? While Ol' Glory still waves over another soldier's grave, for what? We reward evil with good. May the creator of all things have mercy on us all. Wake up America. Is everyone asleep?

Cindy G. Price



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