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Thursday, May 28, 2015
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Letter: Clay Compton
U.S. regulations kill jobs

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I have heard numerous Democrats in Congress as well as writers claim the Republicans haven't passed a "jobs" bill since taking over the House last November. Apparently, these liberals don't understand the concept of how regulations kill jobs.

Concerning H.R. 2898 Regulations Moratorium and Jobs Preservation Act (Same as S. 1438 in the Senate):

This bill has been pushed greatly in the House of Representatives by John Carter (R) from Texas and Reid Ribble (R) of Wisconsin. This bill will keep Congress from imposing new regulation on any form of business adversely affecting the economy at an annual rate of $100 million or more unless the unemployment rate drops to or below 7.7 percent.

To give you an idea of what Democratic government regulation is estimated to cost us in jobs, here are a few figures:

"¢ EPA greenhouse gas regulations: 1.4 million jobs

"¢ Utility regulations: 1.4 million jobs

"¢ Onshore oil/gas lease delays: 504,000 Jobs

"¢ Permit delays for offshore drilling: 430,000 Jobs

"¢ Coal ash regulations (think APCo): 316,000 Jobs

"¢ Boiler regulations: 60,000 Jobs

"¢ Alaska drilling delays: 57,000 Jobs

"¢ The total number of people added to un-employment due to excessive regulations: 4,167,000

Now, while I do believe in preservation of the environment, I also believe in putting people back to work. Here, in America. If the government wants us to be "green," then create the green jobs here in America (in reference to the incandescent bulbs that were made in Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky plants recently closed down so General Electric could make fluorescent ones in China).

Obama was correct. The future of our economy is "green jobs." I just think it would be better for us if he were talking about our economy.

Clay Compton



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