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Monday, May 25, 2015
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33 named in indictments

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grand jurors in Henry County issued a total of 230 indictments on Monday, including 181 that have been sealed.

According to a court record, the sealed indictments will remain closed until an arrest is made or 5 p.m. Sept. 28, whichever comes first. They were sealed to improve the ability of police to find and arrest the defendants and to reduce the risk of witness intimidation, according to the court record.

An indictment is not an indication of guilt. It is a grand jury’s determination that enough evidence exists to hold a trial.

In addition to Lamont Anthony Woods, 21, of 164 Niblett Drive, Martinsville, who was indicted Monday on a charge of maliciously shooting at an occupied motor vehicle on April 28, the 32 people named in the 48 remaining indictments released Tuesday are:

• Julian Apaez, 32, 4078 Fairystone Park Highway, Bassett, possess cocaine, June 18.

• Natasha Layne Rogers, 34, 2346 Figsboro Road, Martinsville, possess oxycodone, March 6.

• Lisa Marie Turner, 24, 165 Chestnut St., Fieldale, third-offense larceny, March 3.

• Timothy Lewis Keith, 32, 720 Spring St., Eden, N.C., forge a public document, March 20.

• Augustin Mario Salgado, 19, 55 Martin Park, Axton, threaten to bomb, burn, destroy or damage a structure, April 18.

• William Robert Schandel, 56, 189 Pritt Place Lane, Fieldale, grand larceny, April 11.

• Antwan Dominique Thomas, 28, 725 Lester Lane, Martinsville, assault and batter a police officer, March 18.

• Robert Eugene Bailey, 27, 301 White Tail Ave., Dry Fork, eluding police by endangerment with speed 20 miles per hour or more over the limit, April 18.

• Kimberly Dawn Hall Royal, 30, 315 Spring Drive, Collinsville, one count each felony third-offense drive while intoxicated, drive a vehicle while intoxicated and license revoked for two or more prior DWI offenses, May 28.

• John Christopher Daniels, 28, 409 Harris Drive, Martinsville, one count each possession of an unauthorized weapon by an inmate in a local correctional facility; burn or destroy property in a correctional facility; and conspire to burn or destroy property in a correctional facility, June 11.

• German Antonio Vasquez, 29, 66 Konya Drive, Martinsville, possess cocaine with intent to distribute, June 6.

• Amy Lynn Roberson, 22, 26 Mark Lane, Ridgeway, and/or 15 Lookout Drive, Bassett, three counts forgery of public record, certificate, return or attestation; one count third offense felony (shoplifting), May 16.

• Heather Dawn Mize-Boyce, 29, 78 Anns Park Drive, Bassett, grand larceny, May 4.

• Robert Jason Leppanen, 34, 1972 Original Henry Road, Henry, malicious wounding, May 16.

• Clyde Edward Agee Jr., 34, 20 Elm Leaf Circle, Collinsville, threaten to bomb, burn, destroy or damage a structure, May 6.

• Vernia Leo Hall II, 46, 271 Lackey Road, Collinsville, three counts of third-offense assault and batter a cohabitant, Jan. 22 and March 2.

• Jesse Tyrone Dillard, 43, 9305 Chatham Road, Martinsville, malicious wounding, March 29.

• Herman Lee Estes Jr., 29, 79 New Jerusalem Church Road, Ridgeway, one count each malicious wounding and threaten to bomb, burn, destroy or damage a structure, May 12.

• Shelby Ann Waller, 39, 1151 Elijah Circle, Martinsville, felony fail to stop for law enforcement officer, June 18.

• Willie Lee Turner, 53, 1032 Independence Drive, Martinsville, four counts third-offense felony worthless check, incidents in October 2011.

• David Wayne Crawford Jr., 33, 89 High Ridge St., Fieldale, felonious violation of the Habitual Offender Act, second or subsequent offense, March 20.

• Joshua Tyler Hambrick, 21, 1192 Fish Pond Road, Stuart, one count each statutory burglary of a building with intent to commit larceny and grand larceny, July 10.

• Gerald Lee Overby, 25, 79 Nelson St., Stuart, one count each statutory burglary of a building with intent to commit larceny and grand larceny, July 10.

• Brad Elliott Rorrer, 35, 1326 Marigold Road, Spencer, third-offense larceny (shoplifting), June 27.

• Pamela Renee Evans, 37, 11 Courtyard Lane, Bassett, felony shoplifting, June 6.

• Angela Marie Kanode, 26, 180 Creekway Trail, Ridgeway, grand larceny, March 18.

• Dorothy Ann Lankford, 49, 301 Martin Lane, Axton, two counts felony shoplifting (grand larceny), May 4 and May 12.

• Amber Lea Marshall, 20, 70 Maple Ridge Lane, Ararat, grand larceny, Feb. 12.

• Daniel Frank Powell, 48, 60 Theatre St., Martinsville, malicious wounding, July 6.

• Michael Eugene Powell, 44, 10606 Greensboro Road and/or 680 Matrimony Creek Road, Ridgeway, malicious wounding, July 6.

• Matthew Joseph Brown, 22, 282 King Air Ave., Ridgeway, one count each statutory burglary of dwelling to commit larceny and grand larceny, June 7.

• Montino Marchan Tinsley, 28, 800 Mitchell Road, Axton, malicious wounding, July 8.


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