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Friday, May 22, 2015
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Letter: Dr. Robert Piat, Horsepasture
Vote for reform Nov. 6

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Over a year after Obamacare’s nearly 1,000 pages were signed into law we are still being confronted with some of its hidden “horrors.”

Suddenly this week hospital doctors and administrators are starting to wake up along with millions of Medicare patients when the law pertaining to readmissions to hospitals goes into effect.

And those colleagues of mine who attacked me unmercifully (and ignorantly, I should add) are now dumfounded to discover that Obamacare this week will impose penalties (financial) for readmitting sick Medicare patients.

This supports what I have been writing in the Bulletin all along. Not only is President (Barack) Obama wrong or ignorant about his medical facts, but he certainly doesn’t have a clue about the diagnosis and treatment of sick folks.

Health care is not like going to court to argue about things that are history but is primarily an ever-changing pathology that is basically never ending until death overtakes us all. Risks and complications can spring up in seconds or days or even years or decades. Not even the young jaunty president who loves to run up to the podium to hug all the awaiting ladies is immune to all the vicissitudes of health care prevalent in even those of us who claim to have never been sick.

I say it is long overdue for doctors and not just nurses and other medical professionals as well as the tens of millions of working Americans who are being treated like second-class citizens in the richest nation on earth to speak out and show the Democrats and President Obama this November exactly what we mean at the polls. After all, they promised all of us — not just rich folks like themselves — real health care reform like they have in Germany, Canada, England and France, and now all you have provided is a plan that escalates our poverty and provides windfall profits for your cronies in the health insurance industry as well as drug companies and other medical big businesses.

Cancer doesn’t get over after just one treatment, Mr. President. Nor does heart failure and a million other illnesses. What kind of a sheltered life have you all been living, anyway?

Dr. Robert Piat



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