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Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Letter: Paul Ashbrook
U.S. was built on God

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our founding fathers designed the structure of this great nation with freedom and justice for all, and under the guiding backbone principles of God and his majesty. Those ideals have been built into the fabric of this nation. God is written about in our Declaration of Independence, our Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, printed on our money, and in so many other aspects of our founding ideals.

Yet, while we have religious freedom in this country, I am upset at how a small minority of folks who don’t believe in God continually try to impose their will onto the rest of our nation. We are letting this small minority take prayer out of schools, take prayer from local government meetings, and even take the Ten Commandments off one of the school system’s walls.

In my opinion, as we travel farther from the godly ideals this country was founded upon, the farther down hill we go. If you are offended in this country because you don’t believe in God, or because schools have prayer or a prayer is said before a meeting, etc., then I say find a new place to live. If you believe in what this country stands for, then you must accept it as based upon godly ideals and concepts. The majority of our nation always will be believers in God, and we should be continually guided as such. While we do honor religious freedom in this country, this nation still was formed with the ideals and belief in God as its backbone. So I say bring more of God back into our school systems, our governmental ceremonies and our lives in general, and we will be a much stronger society and nation for it.

If you don’t believe in God, or the Bible as his word, then you obviously don’t understand the principles and ideals that God and the Bible stand for. Everything about God revolves around love and being a good and faithful servant to other human beings. How can that ever be a bad thing? It just can’t.

So to those who say “no” to God being involved in our schools in the form of prayer or other types of displays by our federal and local governments, then first, I pray for you, and second, I say go back and study what our founding fathers put together. God should always be the basis of the good that we as citizens and as a nation should strive for and represent to folks at home and to our neighbors around the world.

I am not discriminating on what you believe. That is your choice and right. But I am saying this country was built around God and his principles and if we want to be a strong nation again, then those ideals need to be more prominently instilled in our society again. That is where the hope for this nation lies. God Bless America.

Paul Ashbrook



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