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Friday, May 22, 2015
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Letter: Danny Clifton
Money isn't everything

Monday, October 8, 2012

In response to Charles Taylor’s letter on Sept. 23 (”On wealth and scripture”), he failed to mention God’s side in respect to rich folks. As I have mentioned in many letters, there is nothing wrong with having a lot of money if you don’t let it rule your life. Did you know according to God’s law in Matthew 19 (23 and 24), it will be almost impossible for a rich man to enter heaven? In most cases, we look at an individual with a big title or well-known name as having plenty of money. I believe if that person doesn’t let all of that money go to their head and helps the poor in need, then their money situation is no problem.

You hear cases where people who have plenty of money donate to various organizations or whatever but to this date I have never heard of a rich man giving anything to a very poor person. Did you know money is only good for paying bills, food and material things? Have you ever thought about after you have purchased everything in this life that you want, what else is there to buy? I have been blessed with thousands and thousands of dollars and if I could buy love and happiness, I would give up all of it. I will also help the poor who are poor indeed. We all should know this life is set up where you work for a living, which means no handouts unless you are disabled. In closing, don’t let love of money be your ruler in this life because after all, you brought nothing in and it’s for certain nothing will be taken with you when you exit this life.

Danny Clifton



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