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Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Letter: Danny Clifton
Gas prices keep rising

Friday, October 12, 2012

Will the price of gasoline alter any of your outdoor activities? Does the fluctuation a the pump cause you any concern? Let’s get real, folks: The price of gasoline seems to have only one direction, and that is upward.

Did you ever think a gallon of gas would be equal to a pack of cigarettes? Did you know it seems more vehicles are on the highway today than ever have been? I was pulling out of a side road into U.S. 220 the other week, and I thought I would have to turn around and go back in the direction I came from. It was so congested in both directions of 220 as if the whole county and city decided to leave home for the day.

I’m thinking gas is almost $4 a gallon and they’re thinking the price is going up 25 cents more a gallon and they want to make the best of it. I’m 100 percent certain if the price of gas reaches $5 or more, it will not change anyone’s plans. Some people love their automobiles just like they love their husband or wife. This means the price of gasoline will never chain them at home.

My second thought is: Has anyone noticed at the pump there is a 20-cent difference in grades of gas at most places? If everyone remembers back years ago, between regular and premium gas, there was only a 10-cent difference. These oil giants need that extra $10 cents like I need an extra hole in my head.

My final thought goes like this: It doesn’t matter much about the price of fuel for automobiles. After all, what else can we substitute to keep us moving?

Danny Clifton



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