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Friday, May 22, 2015
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Letter: Fred Ford
Abortions kill children

Friday, February 1, 2013

In my opinion, the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the government of the United States of America need to hear this:

I’m reading and hearing all over news media outlets that y’all seem to be worried about guns and mass murdering, and yet, it appears to me you’re not bothered, in the least, about using taxpayer funds to abort babies. I realize we’re told taxpayer funds are not being used for abortions. However, the Hyde Amendment to Medicaid funds states something different. The Hyde Amendment states that funds appropriated by the Department of Health and Human Service cannot be used to cover abortion services. In the current version of the Hyde amendment, the federal Medicaid program permits abortion coverage only in the case of rape or incest, or if the mother’s life is in danger. Looks like taxpayer funds are being provided for abortions.

How does killing a baby, through abortion, match up with slaughters of innocent victims anywhere? They match up here: they’re all sad and useless deaths. My heart weeps at both.

Here’s a number: more than 333,000 babies snuffed out through abortion in 2011. That’s extremely close to the entire population of Roanoke. Imagine, in an instant Roanoke being totally uninhabited.

Abortions, those killings, are not with a gun. Yet, the magnitude of them far outweigh those killed by guns. As sad as it is seeing innocent elementary school children in Pennsylvania and Connecticut, as well as other students, die at the hand of a murderer, it’s equally sad to remember more than 55 million defenseless babies who’ve died at the hands of abortionists. That’s approximately 16.5 percent of our current national population and that’s legal? C’mon man … .

(President Barack) Obama, I will not even consider listening to your stupid executive order threat on guns until you give an executive order to stop forcing taxpayers, through Hyde Amendment funding, to kill babies.

Do you seriously think I believe the three branches of this government of ours care about the life of all our children? No. I’m not convinced. Not with those numbers. And, just because Congress makes something a law, that doesn’t make it right.

Y’all can pass laws and make executive orders to take weapons away from American citizens, but that doesn’t make it right. You’re not allowed to violate the Constitution. You’re sworn to protect it and uphold it. It is my opinion that, presently, y’all are doing neither.

Give some attention to halting the use of taxpayer funds, which force taxpayers to fund abortions, and maybe you’ll be taken seriously about saving children’s lives.

Stop the killing of our future citizens. Guns aren’t being used to kill in the abortion mills.

Now, either y’all are stupid or you just don’t understand this. So, which part of this is it that you just don't understand?

I’m just say’n ... .

Fred Ford



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