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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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Letter: Greg Eanes
Speaking out gun control

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Speaking on gun control efforts by Congress, NRA President David Keene said recently on “Leaders with Ginni Thomas” ( that “every single American has a voice on this” and they need to write their elected representatives to voice opposition to the draconian gun control measures being floated around Congress by far left politicians. (For example, requiring a universal background check for private sales would make criminals out of ordinary law-abiding citizens who only wish to sell a rifle to a relative or long-time neighbor or fellow gun-collector.)

Keene noted there are also going to be votes on a variety of periphery issues such as the allocation of monies for certain gun control executive order measures. Voters need to be attuned.

Keen pointed out that, on average, 2 million times a year, a legally owned firearm is used to thwart a crime (rape, murder, robbery) and in a couple of situations, law-abiding gunowners used their weapons to stop incidents that might have evolved into mass killings.

Preservation of individual Second Amendment rights is a nonpartisan issue. Keene points out that Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy were lifetime members of the NRA. Further, it was at the urging of Democrat Rep. John Dingell (Michigan) that the NRA established a political action committee because Dingell warned, if the NRA doesn’t step up and fight for the Second Amendment, no one else will.

Martinsville and Henry County Democrats have influence with Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. Local citizens who believe in the protection of individual Second Amendment rights need to not only make their voices heard with Virginia’s two Senators, they also need to make their voices heard with local Democrat activists. Local Democrat leadership knows that your voice and your vote count, and they are sure to make known to the Senators the pulse of the grassroots.

Greg Eanes



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