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Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Letter: Fred Ford
Road bill vote flawed

Friday, March 1, 2013

I just read that Del. Don Merricks voted in favor of HB 2313 (the transportation bill).

I have one question: What the heck was he thinking?

Does our current unemployment in the city of Martinsville spell out to him that we can afford more taxes of any kind? By the time it comes time to use the funds for road expansion, the money won’t make a drop in the bucket for the costs then. At least Sen. (Bill) Stanley got that right.

I quote:

“Both Merricks and (Del. Danny) Marshall said they have been receiving phone calls and emails from people urging them to vote against the bill because it is a huge tax increase. The delegates said ‘that is not the case.’” (Martinsville Bulletin Feb. 22)

If their constituents call and/or write them asking them not to vote in favor of or in favor of a certain thing, then “it is the case” and reason they called their delegate, period. Is there something about that they don’t really understand?

My opinion is that was a bad call for us on the legislature’s part.

I fear where Merricks would stand on Obamacare and gun control here in Virginia ... the fear is that he would vote how he wants to and not how his constituents want him to vote for them. He is supposed to represent us, not just himself.

As a man from West Monroe, La., said recently, “Hey, you need to tighten up Jack!”

He can do better than this.

I’m just say’n ... .

Fred Ford



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