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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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Do you party or hide?
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Holly Kozelsky

Sunday, April 7, 2013

By HOLLY KOZELSKY - Bulletin Accent Editor

It’s party time twice a year in the Martinsville area.

Do you join in the festivities or hide out until they are over?

It’s none other than Race Weekend, that crazy, hectic, buzzing time that hits us in October and April.

It’s now!

Of course, you know that if you’re anywhere within 50 miles of Martinsville.

We locals have three ways of approaching Race Weekend:

1.) We slather on our sunscreen, haul our bleacher cushions to the speedway and hunker down;

2.) We cancel all company, socializing and events, stock up on groceries the Wednesday before and don’t plan on leaving the house until Monday; or

3.) We hang signs saying “Welcome, race fans!” in front of our business, wear our comfortable shoes to work and aim to please.

Traffic planning comes second nature to people who live in a speedway town. Whatever we have to do, we make sure we don’t have to drive back into Martinsville on Saturday evening or (heaven forbid) Sunday morning. We don’t dare try to leave town on Sunday evening, either.

Like when snow is predicted, we go out and get our milk and bread ahead of time. We try to keep off the roads.

Events are planned around Race Weekend. Whenever a group gets out the calendars to plan an event, if it hits in the spring or fall, someone will ask: “When is Race Weekend?”

Everyone will scramble about trying to answer that question. It’s funny when nobody really knows what the date is, but they all try to figure it out.

Some folks stay in all weekend and don’t dare venture out. They avoid crowds and traffic.

Others are ready for a good time. Bring it on! is the philosophy.

Some locals head out to the race track on Friday or Saturday nights to see what parties they can join. It’s been said that you can expect a good time if you just walk around carrying a case of beer.

Lots of people have fun at the race as spectators, of course. This is a fun place for motorsports fans to live all year long. These two weekends a year are just the highlights.

The air is zinging with excitement. Martinsville’s population has just doubled, or is it more than doubled?

We love alerting each other to the first sights of campers. There’s a little glory in having spotted the first race fan one or two weeks before the race starts.

Now it feels like a carnival.

Welcome, race fans!


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