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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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Letter: Rhonda Eldridge
Comments incite hate

Sunday, April 28, 2013

After reading the article regarding the quilt made by the PGS (Piedmont Governor’s School) students and (Sharon Brooks) Hodge’s comments, I’m appalled that any person would show such contempt and disrespect for the work and creativity of any young person, particularly a person “of dark color.”

Racism is learned. The days of segregation and seeing a mixed couple are long since past and are no longer taboo. Children these days are not even aware of those battles that were fought in the ’60s and ’70s for equal rights beyond what they are taught; those rights in the eyes of these children are a given and are not questioned.

Are we still trying to teach our children racism? These students had no reason to intentionally offend anyone of any race, gender, etc. Even the student’s explanation of his choice in colors wasn’t enough for Hodge. I believe her comments are nothing more than a way to incite hate, and maybe she should extricate her attitude from those days of racism and segregation.

Many people still hold onto those hateful memories and attitudes rather than accepting the past as the past and should consider putting those memories out of mind and accept that we are all human beings and live in this world together. We embraced each other as equals many decades ago.

Continuing to presume that someone who chooses a light color and dark color to represent any two images is a display of racism just shows Hodge’s attitude, not the attitude of this innocent student. Maybe she should be the one not displayed in City Hall, and the quilt should be proudly presented in trade.

Rhonda Eldridge



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