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Friday, May 29, 2015
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Letter: Jeffrey Belcher
GOP, grumpy old men

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My letter is not in response to an individual but to many letters to the Bulletin by the usual suspects who constantly complain about the (President Barack Obama) administration, never offering any positives or solutions, even by their own side of the aisle.

As for these usual suspects and their followers, are you not upset with your own party and the choices you have been given? President Obama is thought to be the worst president in the history of the country by many conservatives. They can’t stand him. They have told the country time and time again he is a socialist, not born in this country, was not qualified to go to law school, a community organizer (whatever the heck that means) and a dozen other things.

With all these so-called “facts,” does it not upset you that you were basically forced to vote for (former Mass. governor) Mitt Romney and you got your hat handed to you by the worst president ever? In my opinion, Republicans voted against someone, not for someone. It is like going to a restaurant and ordering seafood because it does not make you as sick as the steak. That is not the way to run a railroad and speaks volumes about the leadership in the GOP today.

When I read these things, the movie “Grumpy Old Men” comes to mind. No one wants to be around grumpy old men. I don’t want to be around them even though I think I may be one? That is another story for another day. It is hard for people to follow grumpy old men except those already in their boat. In my opinion, the GOP boat needs new passengers and in a big way.

I have run a business for many years, and it seems to me that any success we may have had is because we offered a better product or service, we promoted that product to everyone, we presented a better message, and we worked hard at getting smarter and more efficient than the other side. I would imagine any successful politician or business person would understand this very simple equation.

If you think this is sound and you are a conservative, I would ask you, “Is this what my party and its constituents are doing?” If the answer to that question is “no,” you may want to question if you have come up with another way to run a business or a political machine that most of us know nothing about.

Jeffrey Belcher

Fredericksburg, formerly of Martinsville


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