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Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Letter: Danny Clifton
Honor mother and father

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Did you know some children today turn against their parents? Why does money in most cases seem to be the answer to all of life’s problems? As we all know, this life is full of many troubles, but should a child turn away from their parents in the closing years of their life?

Think about it, friends, when I hear occasionally where a child refuses to talk to or visit their mother or father in most cases over something simple that could be worked out. A lot of times, the grandchildren are also kept from seeing their grandma or grandpa.

I believe all children should keep in mind their parents brought them into this world, which means they fed them, changed their diapers, clothed them, loved them even when they became a teenager and maybe did some things that weren’t right. In many cases, they were educated with the parents paying for the education they received.

I believe that not only is this a sad situation, but it is a tragedy when a child refuses to communicate with their parents. As I have said in many letters, where did love go?

Let’s get real, folks, when I say that in many cases, if that child continues to refrain from having any contact with that parent, rest assured, at their parent’s death, that child wants their money, house, cars and anything of value. I am trying to say that money, it seems, is the remedy to this situation.

In closing, please honor your father and mother every day of their life, because after they’re gone, not only is it too late, but you would have wished you had done the right thing while they were living.

Danny Clifton



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