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Thursday, May 28, 2015
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Letter: Dr. Robert Piat
Legal profession flawed

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I have lawyers in my family, and there was a time when I was tempted. But reading murder mysteries, especially true murders, has always been a pastime of mine, and I soon realized that I was more interested in motivation than I was in verdicts, as I often would jump to the back of the book for the answer so I could concentrate.

There have been instances during sensational trials that we all have watched on TV where I along with most of the public felt the “killer” was guilty when the verdict went the other way. It’s easy to praise our republic at such times by asserting that it’s better to allow many guilty folks to go free than to put to death (possibly) one innocent person. However as a doctor, my answer is that we need to reform our legal system so that what I believe are obviously mentally ill folks involved in crimes can be more readily placed in hospitals rather than waiting for them to become involved in other crimes as well.

“We are a nation of laws” is a catchy term, I agree, but I think that here in America, the legal profession has been having too much free rein. For example, in the case of class-action lawsuits against the medical field, I believe things have gotten way out of hand and now ordinary drugs such as vaccines have gotten way too expensive.

The recent DOJ (Department of Justice) investigation of journalists is another example.

Suddenly lying by attorneys is only serious if it can be defined legally as “perjury.” And now we not only are about to let the guilty party go free, but we will have punished the innocent just short of sending them to prison.

The IRS targeting of “not-for-profit” conservative organizations applying for tax exempt status beats all. During the congressional hearings, folks who are ordinary citizens — who were victimized — and questioned by congressional lawyers in the Democratic Party are made to feel guilty for their beliefs.

I believe the behavior of some groups in the legal profession in America has gotten to the point where the entire legal profession needs to do some serious soul-searching, and the institution as a whole should reform a whole host of their activities just as the medical profession did before the Obama administration dropped the ball. Otherwise, I see the legal profession just as devastating to our economy as a whole as health care in America has become.

Dr. Robert Piat



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