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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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Man triumphs during Mustangs’ diamond dig
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Jesse Cole (right), president of the Martinsville Mustangs, laughs after Larry Bray (left) of Bassett said he might sell the diamond ring he dug up Saturday after the Mustangs game. Bray was among several people who took to the field to dig for the ring, and he found it between first and second bases. (Bulletin photo by Mike Wray)
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Monday, July 29, 2013

By DOUG POWELL - Bulletin Staff Writer

At the conclusion of Saturday night’s game between the Martinsville Mustangs and the High Point Thomasville HiToms, the fans in attendance at Hooker Field got a chance to step onto the baseball diamond in search of... a diamond.

The Mustangs promotion for the night called “Dig for a Diamond” gave fans the opportunity to dig in the infield in search of a $2,500 diamond ring that was supplied to them by Eden Jewelry.

“We had heard about other teams in the league doing this before and we had heard good things about Eden Jewelry in the community,” Mustangs general manager Tyler Parsons said. “It was a great fit and we ended up making it happen.”

Parsons said he was not even sure if the game — let alone the digging for the diamond — was going to take place after a steady rain occurred all of Friday night and most of Saturday that drenched the field.

“We had the field tarped up and we didn’t even know if we were going to play today,” Parsons said.

Luckily for Parsons and the Mustangs the rain held off for a couple of hours and they were able to proceed as planned.

After donating one dollar to the American Red Cross the fans received a ticket to enter the ballpark and start digging.

The ring had been placed carefully in the infield the night before and the Mustangs and HiToms played a Coastal Plain League game right before the promotional event took place.

Fans were only allowed to use their hands and/or whatever they could fit in a purse to dig for the diamond Parsons said.

But you wouldn’t find a purse on the person who eventually found the ring as it was 47-year-old man Larry Bray.

The Bassett-native found it using his bare hands and held it over his head for everyone to see once he secured it in his grasp.

“I found some soft dirt and a little hole and I said, ‘Hey, there it is!’,” Bray said.

Bray said that he was not expecting to find the ring, but it felt “pretty cool” to find it.

Bray — surrounded by friends and women — said he has not yet decided who the ring will go to, if anyone, which was met by plenty of laughter.

He even made a remark that he might possibly sell it.


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