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Thursday, May 28, 2015
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More papers, fewer baths
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

By HOLLY KOZELSKY - Bulletin Accent Editor

If I am caught holding a washcloth and a cake of soap, you’d think I had Tom Sawyer in the house.

“I don’t WANT to take a bath, Mama!” my 4-year-old wails. “I don’t WANT to!”

When she was younger, she had just one type of negotiating technique: Crying and screaming. Now that she’s a little girl, her methods are improving. She has a new plan of evasion every night.

Last night, she brought out the clock and set it before me. It appeared that she had moved its hands.

“See? It’s not time for a bath right now,” she announced.

The whole debate runs in reverse about 45 minutes after the bath has started.

“I don’t wanna come out, Mama!” she protests, splashing around her little yellow duckies and mermaids. “I’m not done!”


Remember the fun of worksheets?

No, I’m not talking about the 20-question all-text worksheets we all got in seventh grade. I’m talking about those engaging papers we were given in our first years of school.

We circled the animals and items which started with letter “L.” We drew lines from the mother animals to their corresponding kittens, cubs or puppies. We filled in the blanks with “cat,” “hat” or “bat.”

The other day, my daughter announced, “Mama, now that I am in the 4-year-olds’ class, we work very hard all day. We do a lot of papers.”

She added smugly, “We do as many papers at day care as you do at the Bulletin.”

She loves to visit the Bulletin office and sit at my desk. Her job, which she takes very seriously, is to arrange the magnets on the metal filing cabinets in interesting patterns.

I often take her along to things happening in the community. She always sees the Bulletin photographer, Mike Wray, at those events, and she looks for his pictures in the next day’s Bulletin.

Once, when we were at a festival in New York, she looked distractedly around for a while.

Finally she asked me, in a puzzled voice, “Where is Mr. Wray?”

She consults the daily weather reports and dresses accordingly. She “reads” much of the newspaper by looking at pictures and asking me to read the articles of those that interest her. She and I place and respond to classified ads.

So now with the practice of all those worksheets, she’s revving up to work at the Bulletin. That’s what she plans to do when she grows up.

The other thing Mary Evelyn is planning on when she grows up is being a mermaid.

It’s a good thing the Bulletin is a family-friendly workplace and the management works with employees to accommodate their needs. I wonder where in the newsroom they would put a water tank for her to swim around in while she writes articles?


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