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Monday, May 25, 2015
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On Thursday, Martinsville-Henry County Master Gardeners held a plant care clinic, and several people came seeking advice. Odell Moran (second from right) gave this Peace Lily to the Church of Christ in Collinsville, where it stays in front of the pulpit. Its leaves are small, and many are turning brown at the edges and tips. The scorches on the edges of the leaves probably are from exposure to the air from the building’s heating and cooling system, which seems especially likely considering the scorches are worse on one side than the other. The brown at the tips probably is fluoride toxicity. Municipal water has fluoride and chlorine, which are bad for plants, particularly peace lilies. That problem can be avoided by watering with rain water or by leaving tap water intended for plants to set overnight. A peace lily needs 8 to 12 hours of indirect sunlight and should be fertilized once a month. The Master Gardeners looking over the plant are (from left) Betty Hudson, Don Deaton and (right) Carol Deaton. (Bulletin photos by Mike Wray) The older (outer) leaves on this African Violet  (at right) have shriveled up from drying out. They should  be removed. This plant should be watered from below only. The root of this Aloe plant rotted off because the plant had too much water. About a quarter of an inch (the rotted part) can be clipped off the end, then the plant can be set in dirt to re-root, Ron Ferrill said.
These brown spots on the Anthyrium are a fungus. The spots increase, and spores drop into the dirt below. Ron Ferrill said the affected leaves should be removed, and the plant should be repotted in new soil and a clean pot.

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