NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE 203 GREYSON STREET MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA 24112 In execution of a Deed of Trust executed by Anzel L. Hodge, Jr. and Sharon B. Hodge, dated February 25, 2009 and recorded in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the City of Martinsville, Virginia on February 25, 2009, as Instrument 0900187 granting and conveying to Robert A. Williams and Lewis L. Hairston, Trustees, and any subsequent substitute Trustee, certain real estate, in trust, the undersigned trustee, appointed as Substitute Trustee by Instrument 190000683 recorded in the aforesaid Clerk's Office, will offer for sale at public auction on the front steps of the Martinsville City Municipal Building, 55 West Church Street, Martinsville, Virginia 24112, on Monday, August 19, 2019 at 10:30 a.m., the following: All those certain lots or parcels of land with all improvements thereon located and appurtenances thereon located, presently known as 203 Greyson Street, Martinsville, Virginia and being Lot A and Lot C, as shown on Revision Plat for Bernard Morris Brodie and Nora Byrd Brodie, dated December 27, 1974, prepared by Marvin E. Scearce, C.L.S., recorded in the City of Martinsville Circuit Court Clerk's Office in Map Book 12, Page 22; and being the same property that Anzel L. Hodge, Jr. and Sharon B. Hodge acquired by deed from William M. Brodie, Brenda B. French and Joyce Elaine B. Plaster, Devisees of Nora Byrd Brodie, dated February 23, 2009 and recorded in the aforesaid Clerk's Office as Instrument Number 0900186. Parcel IDs: 000687000 and 000687100 The sale is subject to conditions, covenants, restrictions, reservations, easements, rights of way, and other matters of record applicable to the property, and the real estate taxes from the date of sale. PROPERTY IS SOLD PURSUANT TO THE FIRST LIEN DEED OF TRUST IN FAVOR OF BLUE RIDGE BANK, N.A., SUCCESSOR IN INTEREST TO IMPERIAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION, INC., DATED AND RECORDED AS SET OUT ABOVE IN THE ORIGINIAL AMOUNT OF $56,000.00. TERMS OF SALE: All Cash. A deposit of 10% of the sales price by bank's cashier's check payable to the Trustee may be required of the successful bidder at the time of sale, with the balance due within fifteen (15) days of sale, time being of the essence. In the event of default by the purchaser, the deposit shall be forfeited and applied to the costs and expenses of sale and the Trustee's compensation authorized by the Deed of Trust and the law in such cases. All costs of conveyance, which shall be by Special Warranty Deed, examination of title, recording fees, notary fees, settlement fees and Grantor's tax, to be at the cost of the purchaser. Neither the Trustee nor the secured party will be required to deliver possession of the property to the successful bidder. The Trustee reserves the right to reject all bids and withdraw the property from sale, modify or waive the deposit requirements in whole or in part, and extend the period of time in which the purchaser is to make full settlement. Additional terms of sale may be announced at the sale. Any Trustee may act. ____________________________________ Janine M. Jacob, Esq., Trustee FOR INFORMATON CONTACT: Janine M. Jacob, Esquire Jacob Law Firm, P.C. 6 Moss Street P.O. Box 884 Martinsville, VA 24114 Telephone: (276) 403-4252 Facsimile: (888)523-0252 E-mail: