PUBLIC NOTICE CONSTRUCTION OF ANTENNAE ON WATER TANK Shentel is providing notice of its intent to install and operate a telecommunication antennae/equipment on a water tank pursuant to Federal Communication Commission's Programmatic Agreement for telecommunication towers. The tank called 67494B Speedway Road at 485 Industrial Park Drive, Ridgeway, VA (36-38-36.02 N and 79-51-17.25 W). There are three other carriers on the tank. The antennae will be installed at a 150-foot RAD center below the City/County antennae (160-ft height). Ground equipment will be installed within the previously disturbed fenced compound. Only comments regarding potential effects on Historic Properties should be sent within 30 days of publication to: Teresa A. Schuller Mead & Hunt, Inc. 400 Tracy Way, Suite 200 Charleston, WV 25311 Phone: 681-313-4617

485 Industrial Park Drive, Ridgeway, VA 24148