By Holly Kozelsky

You may have seen Adam Newman recently walking in the Bassett area while carrying a cross.

“I just want to share some good news for once, with all the bad stuff that’s going on in the world today,” Newman said. “If I help somebody feel better, it will be worth it.

“Plus, I want to support my little T.R.A.S.H. Ministry family,” he said.

T.R.A.S.H. stands for Totally Redeemed Anointed Servants of the most High.

Newman has been attending T.R.A.S.H., which he calls “just the best church ever,” for about a year, he said.

“Mike Price preaches the truth, and everyone there is so kind and nice,” he said.

Price said that at T.R.A.S.H. “we love him to death. He’s gotten involved.”

Newman “is a blessing ... He just jumps in [to help], anywhere from working on some needy person’s house to cutting wood” families need for heating, added Price, the pastor of T.R.A.S.H. Ministry.

Newman, who lives in Bassett with his mother, Emma Newman, and nieces, is a graduate of Bassett High School.

He said he asked James Clifton of Bassett to build him the cross.

Clifton said he has been making crosses and other items of wood during the past few years.

Also, “I’ve walked with my Christian flag a few times around Bassett, and I think he looks up to me,” Clifton said.

The difference is — Newman “wanted to walk with an actual cross,” Clifton said.

Taking such a walk demonstrating faith has value, Clifton said.

“The world’s going to look at us like we’re crazy, but it doesn’t matter what other people think,” Clifton said. “When it gets in your heart, you want people to see what God has done in your life. Most lost people won’t go to church and won’t read the Bible, so you have to bring it to them.”

The questions people ask about why they are doing it often lead to good conversations, he said.

“Jesus gave up his life ... for all our sins,” Newman said. “I just want to do something to honor him, too. I just want to say ‘Thank you’” to Jesus.

Holly Kozelsky is a writer for the Martinsville Bulletin; contact her at 276-638-8801 ext. 243.

Holly Kozelsky is a writer for the Martinsville Bulletin; contact her at 276-638-8801 ext. 243.

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