Dorian Green

Dorian Green was named first team All-Piedmont District and second team All-Region 3D as a linebacker for Magna Vista last season

By Cara Cooper

Over the summer, Magna Vista linebacker Dorian Green worked an internship alongside Warriors head football coach Joe Favero, helping clean the locker room and weight rooms, and learn about the little things coaches have to do behind the scenes when the players are away.

The internship helped Green gain a new appreciation for the work that goes into being a coach.

“It’s a hard job,” he said.

But more than just getting equipment ready for practice, Green learned the intangibles that go into being a coach – being a leader, a cheerleader, and a good role model. It’s a role he’s been playing for the Warriors the last three seasons, and one he plans to take on more this year as a senior.

Green was named first team All-Piedmont District and second team All-Region 3D last season, making him already a force on the football field. But off of it, he’s a student on the A-B honor roll, a member of the National Honor Society and Beta Club. He’s also a member of “Upward Bound” a college readiness club that takes local students on college tours and trips across the country. Just a week before practices started, Green went with the club to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, where they toured the cities, went to the beach, and took ghost tours.

While the clubs and internships are fun, they serve a bigger purpose to Green.

“That’s really what you gets in you in school and colleges,” he said. “They like to see good grades, extra-curricular activities.”

Favero said Green is a “great role model” for the young Warriors coming up behind him, and his teammates know if he’s a hard worker in the classroom and away from the field, he’ll be the same on it.

“His classmates, they know he’s a guy who’s going to get things done all the time,” Favero said. “He’s going to do the little things and the things that matter and he’s setting himself up very well to be successful in life.”

And it’s not just his younger classmates who look up to Green. The senior played a big role in Magna Vista’s youth football camp this summer, and while he said he may not have plans to work with kids in the future, it meant a lot to him that he had young players who see him and his teammates as their football heroes.

“That’s the fun part about it. They really think a lot about us,” Green said. “It feels good to know that people look up to me and I’m sort of influencing them, what they think about playing football and stuff like that.

“They said, just you know, ‘You look like you work out a lot,’ and stuff like that. We talk them up a little bit.”

Green started playing football in sixth grade because all of his friends were playing and he didn’t want to feel left out. Now, his friends are the ones who look to him for guidance on the field.

And he relishes his role as a leader because it’s fun to be the cheerleader on the team. When he’s not making tackles on the field, he’s helping his teammates on the sidelines.

“Helping people up when they get discouraged or have their head down, try to give them a pep talk to help the team. Have better chemistry,” he said when asked what he feels his role is on the team.

In the classroom, Green is hoping to stay “stress-free” while maintaining his good grades. On the field, he has a specific goal – go all-state.

And his coach agrees, he’s proven so far to be the type of player who knows how to work hard for what he wants.

“He’s a kid who does the little things,” Favero said. “He works extremely hard in the weight room, works extremely hard in the classroom. He’s an excellent student. He’s a leader in the building… He’s been a leader for us on the field as well. We’ve used him in a couple different roles and no matter where you put him you know you’re going to get great effort, great attitude, and a guy who’s going to go out and do his job and understand what he’s supposed to do and do it.”

Cara Cooper is the sports editor of the Martinsville Bulletin. You can reach her at (276)638-8801 ext. 241.

Cara Cooper is the sports editor of the Martinsville Bulletin. You can reach her at (276)638-8801 ext. 241.

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