Darrell Jackson, a resident of the Mountain Valley area near Jackson, had a surprise visitor recently. Here is how he described the scene when he encountered a Bald Eagle:

“I was working in the yard and saw an eagle fly up from my pond and land in a tree. I ran into the house and grabbed my camera and took the picture off my deck.

“I went back to work and quit watching it after I took probably 30 pictures.

“I looked back down toward the pond 45 minutes later, and it was gone. I hope it comes back because it is not every day you get to see an eagle. I saw one a couple of years ago from a distance, but I didn’t have a camera.

“I live below Mount Vernon Church in Axton. I feel blessed to see such a beautiful and majestic animal on my farm. It is a credit to conservationists throughout this country to bring our national symbol back from near extinction in the 1970s, to being able to see one in Axton today.”

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