Students who were awarded their bachelor's or master's degrees at New College Institute while taking all their classes in Martinsville were honored Friday night at a reception on campus.

Leanna Blevins, NCI’s executive director, commended the hard work of the graduates as well as the support of friends and family members. “All year long, the staff and faculty at NCI look forward to this night. We love celebrating the completion of a journey for each student and to involve their families. It takes a village to invest that much time, energy, money, and sacrifice.”

Bachelor’s of Liberal Studies/Elementary Education from Longwood University: Whitney Cassell, Leigh Ann McGuire, Nisamar Sechrist Casey Tucker, and Brittany Wells.

Bachelor’s of Social Work from Longwood: Rick Curry, Jennifer Dowdy, Makita Ellis, Sierra Harris, Breanna Robertson, Sara Roetken and Mia Smith.

Master’s in Educational Leadership from James Madison University: Donna Hutson and Mark Toole.

Certificates in Educational Leadership from James Madison: Michelle Adams, Raina Brim, Elizabeth Creasy, Katie Elliott, Jennifer Gunter, John Hatchett, Clif Jones, Jasmine Lovelace, Hope Perry and Jonathan Wood.

Curry, Perry and Sechrist addressed the crowd of about 100.

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