Speculation continues about a man who was seen walking naked down Commonwealth Boulevard into the Walmart area on Monday evening.

“It was the craziest thing, out of nowhere,” said Debbie Curry Lampkin, who saw the man as she was driving along Commonwealth, next to Ollie’s, toward the Virginia Avenue intersection.

She had noticed a police car before she saw the man, she said. She was in the right lane, and the police car was in the left lane but moved into the right lane, behind her car. She checked her speed to make sure she was driving properly, she said.

Then she “looked up. There this guy was, just walking down the street” – with not a stitch of clothes on, she said. He was walking on the side of Commonwealth near the Ollie’s parking lot.

The officer braked, and the man looked back at the officer’s car, she said.

The officer “called, ‘Hey, buddy,’ He seen the officer and took off running, trying to cross the street,” she said.

A Virginia State Police trooper also happened to be driving by, so he pulled up to the man, who by then was in the Shoe Dept. and ABC parking lot.

The unclothed man “was kind of combative, the officers were trying to be nice,” Lampkin said. “They put him on the ground, cuffed him up and put him in the vehicle.”

Seeing such as sight “was shocking. This is such a reserved town,” she said.

The man “came out of nowhere, and it went by so quickly, she said, adding that “the officers were very courteous” to the man.

She had taken a video of the situation and posted it on social media to let the community know “what is going on,” she said, and that people “should be more vigilant.”

Calls made to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday morning had not been returned Tuesday afternoon.

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