Sherri Hazlewood, Patrick County’s clerk of circuit court, is expected to return to work in a few weeks after being on leave because of a “significant medical condition,” making her temporarily unavailable to perform her duties, David V. Williams, chief judge of the 21st Judicial Circuit, said.

“She’s finishing up treatments and should be back by the end of the month,” Williams said Thursday.

Williams declined to say what treatments Hazlewood was undergoing or give any details as to the medical condition from which Hazlewood suffers.

Hazlewood had been embroiled in an arrest for domestic violence against her husband. He also was charged, but the charges were dropped in September.

“Sherrie is still out,” Vickie Helmstutler said. “I’m here, and everything is running smoothly.”

Helmstutler was named by Williams on Aug. 14 to serve as temporary clerk while Hazlewood was out. Helmstutler was the Henry County clerk of circuit court for 16 years before retiring 3 ½ years ago.

Hazlewood was elected clerk in a special election in November 2017 to fill the unexpired term of former clerk Susan C. Gasperini, who had retired effective April 1, 2017.

On June 18 at 2:20 a.m, Patrick County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call at the home of Sherrie and Richard Hazlewood at 1774 Wayside Road. Both were charged with misdemeanor domestic assault.

On Sept. 19 the charges were dropped in Patrick County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court after both asserted their Fifth Amendment rights. Special Prosecutor Patrick Jensen noted there was no independent witness to the events of June 18 and that there was no way to prosecute the cases if the Hazlewoods didn’t testify.

Jensen moved to nolle prosse both cases giving him the option of refiling at a later date. Attorneys for both Hazlewoods did not object, and Judge A. Ellen White approved the motion.

Jensen said it is “very unlikely” he would refile charges.

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