ROCKY MOUNT — Carolyn Zachwieja said she could hear her beagle, Henry, howling in the woods, and she thought true to his nature, he had something treed. She didn’t expect to find her elderly beagle stuck in an old, abandoned, half-buried vehicle.

Zachwieja, a resident of Fork Mountain, said Henry didn’t come in when called Sunday night, but she could hear him howling as if he was chasing something. It wasn’t until Monday when she called him again and followed the sound of the howling that she and her husband, Michael, discovered Henry had fallen into a hole and was trapped by the old rusted vehicle in the woods.

“We didn’t think we would ever get him out of there,” she said. “We thought we were going to have to bury him there.”

She called the county’s non-emergency number and explained the situation. She said Franklin County Animal Control came out immediately and shortly thereafter, Fork Mountain Rescue Squad and Franklin County Public Safety members also responded.

Cindy Brooks, animal control manager, said the rescue team had to deploy the jaws of life to extract the dog from the vehicle.

Henry was pulled to safety, and no worse for the wear as he was just a little cold and thirsty but suffered no injuries.

Carolyn said she is grateful to everyone who helped to save Henry, whom she has cared for more than eight years, when her son rescued him from the side of a road.

“It was such a heroic thing, and so nice to see it,” Carolyn said. “I plan to do something to thank them, bake them a cake or make a donation or something.”

She said her husband filled in the hole in the ground where they pulled Henry from, but the old vehicle is still there. She added it would be challenging to get heavy equipment in to move it because of the trees surrounding it.

In the meantime, Henry was taken inside, and when Carolyn spoke to The Franklin News-Post, he was resting comfortably by a warm fire.

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