Aug. 15, 2002: Michael and Mary Short are found dead in their Oak Level home. Their 9-year-old daughter, Jennifer, is believed abducted from the home. As the search begins, an "Amber Alert" is activated to notify the public of a missing child.

Aug. 18: A reward fund for information leading to Jennifer's recovery is created at SunTrust Bank by Tim Moore.

Aug. 19: Police file the results of the search of the Short home. Sixty-four items were removed, including two .22-caliber shell casings found near the Shorts' bodies and several weapons. Police search for a red or dark-colored truck seen leaving the home on the morning of the murder. Police believe the murderer knew the family.

Aug. 22: New search warrant reveals .22 caliber pistol was removed from the Short home in addition to other weapons.

Aug. 23: Funeral is held for Michael and Mary Short.

Aug. 26: Police receive information about a possible stalker of Mary Short when she worked at Pluma in 1992.

Sept. 4: Police exhume the body of Michael Short for further forensic testing.

Sept. 5: Police are denied access to Short's mail by postal officials. The situation later was resolved. Reward funds exceed $50,000.

Sept. 15: Police scale down their search efforts, with no more land, helicopter or dive searches planned.

Sept. 19: Ten-year-old photos of Mary Short are released in hopes of jogging memories of her at Pluma and information about the "stalker" incident there.

Sept. 20: Ruby and Chris Young, Jennifer Short's aunt and uncle, are named her legal guardians should she be found.

Sept. 26: Remains of a body found in Rockingham County, N.C., may be that of Jennifer Short, and police await DNA test results to be certain. Remains are confirmed as being of 9-10 year old caucasian female who had been shot in head and include part of skull, ribcage, teeth, part of a jaw and hair.

Oct. 2: Initial DNA test results of the remains are inconclusive.

Oct. 4: Remains are identified as those of Jennifer Short, ending the search for the girl.

Oct. 5: Investigators plan to travel to Canada to question Garrison S. Bowman, 60, of Mayodan, N.C. Bowman was arrested Oct. 3 in Inuvik, North West Territories, and was charged with immigration violations. Officials say he is not a suspect in the Short case. Jennifer Short's remains were found 1.5 miles from Bowman's trailer in Mayodan and he had not been seen since Aug. 16, the day after the Short murders. Bowman's property is searched and his landlord, Gary Lemons, tell police that Bowman had threatened a mobile home mover in Virginia. Michael Short moved mobile homes for a living.

Oct. 7: Police say they were aware of Bowman early in the investigation but became interested only after Jennifer Short's remains were found near his home. Bowman, described as a possible witness to the crime, not a suspect, is held in Canada awaiting deportation hearing. The Short reward fund now totals $67,000.

Oct. 10: Investigators head to Canada to question Bowman.

Oct. 12: Bowman set for deportation by Canadian officials for immigration law violations. Police decide to postpone his interview until he is back in the United States. A funeral is held for Jennifer Short.

Oct. 22: Police interview Bowman, held in Roanoke City Jail, for three hours.

Oct. 23: Bowman is ordered to be held until he can be questioned by a grand jury.

Oct. 29: Investigators return to Canada to inspect Bowman's van for forensic evidence.

Oct. 30: Bowman is released from custody. He was held under a Federal material witness warrant.

Nov. 1: Investigators return from Canada with items from Bowman's van.

Nov. 9: Gary Lemons passes a polygraph or lie detector test confirming his statements to police about Bowman.

Nov. 12: Both Bowman and Lemons appear before the grand jury. Details, including whether they testified, are not released to the public.

Dec. 7: Short home and belongings are sold at auction. Proceeds went to the family's estate.

Jan. 4, 2003: Forensic tests on some of the items collected from Bowman's residences in N.C. and Canada are negative.

Jan. 15: The Short reward fund stands at $42,000 after some donors withdrew contributions when Jennifer Short's remains were found in September.

April 2: A special grand jury in Charlottesville probes the Short case. This is not a continuation of Bowman grand jury.

April 16: Police again search the area in Rockingham County where Jennifer Short was found, hoping to find further evidence.

May 6: The Roanoke forensic lab receives assistance to speed up test results in the Short case.

July 12: What would have been Jennifer Short's 10th birthday.

July 23: Police dam the river near where Jennifer Short was found for a more intensive search of the area.

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