To the editor:

Why does anything Lane Petty does surprise the taxpayers? You can only blame yourselves for keep putting him in office.

His ego has gotten about as bad as our president. But one thing for sure — and the preachers say — all it takes is time, and everything will work themselves out. Whatever is in the dark will soon come to light.

One thing for fact you cannot be a professional and be around wrongdoing and not notice something is wrong.

I’ve dealt with Lane Perry on a personal level at the federal building in Roanoke, where his wife, my daughter and her boyfriend were in attendance. Things got out of hand in the court. Video disappeared.

My brother recently said I’ve never known Sanford to lie or steal, and I’m known to tell my own dirt. So anything we as taxpayers have a chance to fix and we don’t, it’s our own fault.

Think before you vote.