To the editor:

Too often, the phrase “pro life” exists solely in the abortion debate and outside of areas where we ignore or rationalize how that term should apply. If we Christians believe, as Alabama governor Kay Ivey stated, that “every life is precious and…a sacred gift from God," then we must discuss what “pro life” really means.

How do we promote the sacredness of life and provide for the child and mother beyond birth? I’m sure that answer lies in the vast numbers of us standing at adoption agencies, ready to take in unwanted children. Or perhaps the masses who volunteer to support and uplift homeless, impoverished, unwed mothers.

And the death penalty? Amid the buzzphrase “All Lives Matter,” how do we assess when a life doesn’t matter so that government may authorize death of one of its allegedly irredeemable own? What is the Christian justification for returning “a sacred gift from God”?

For some, “pro life” becomes “pro war”. Apparently, it’s fine to proclaim a Savior who was silent before his accusers, who told Peter to put away the sword, and who told us to give away our cloak and tunic — all while killing in His name, including innocent civilians and children. How can our stance incorporate the unborn here and not the children who face death and poverty from the ravages of war, sometimes at our hands?

With this issue, like many others, we must ask if our faith informs our politics, or if our politics inform our faith.



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