To the editor:

Unless you are living in a vacuum, most are aware that the mainstream media hates President Trump and will do anything to make him look bad to the American public. Obviously this is not working, because his approval ratings are going up, and the economy continues to improve.

Most of us deplorable Trump supporters find it very hard to believe how this man is treated even when he says America First, and the media turns it around by saying this is an abomination. CNN even ran a Sunday program on the dangers of Nationalism and putting the American people first.

Now we have Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi saying that she wants to see President Trump in prison and not just impeached. Then she turns around and says she wants to work with the president on polices such as infrastructure and does not understand why he does not want to work with Democrats.

This man has done nothing but try to help this country and is called every name in the book from racist to all the other liberal catchwords. He throws it right back at the media and even some Republicans, who still can't stand to see a businessman come to the swamp in Washington and turn the country around.

It is a shame how this president is treated compared to the last one, and hopefully enough people with see the absurdity in this and vote for Donald Trump in 2020.