Big thanks for all PHCC, Patriot Players do

To the editor:

I want to say thank you to Patrick Henry Community College, PHCC Patriot Players and, especially, Devin Pendleton for taking time to invest in our community, our children, and to continue the arts for Martinsville/Henry County.

I never realized until this year how much time and effort goes into a PHCC Patriot Players production. Why do I say this? It’s because my 13-year-old daughter was in her first. I have tried for a long time to get her to try out, and she finally did when she saw “Frozen Jr.” With her being in this production, she came out of her shell. She loves to sing, and this helped her even more.

If you have never been a part of one of these productions, then you don’t realize what all takes place. This group is a team. They lift each other up, work together, look out for the safety of each other and work tirelessly to make sure everything is ready for each rehearsal and show. It was not just one person. It was the directors, the cast, parents, PHCC security, along with others working together to make this show a success.

I honestly agree with Pendleton when he says that, “Once A Patriot Player, Always A Patriot Player”, because even though the show may be over, this group is still a family, and they are there for each other. I’ve seen this personally.

Thank you to everyone for supporting PHCC.



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