To the editor:

There can be no doubt that the crisis on the border is the fault of left-wing, open-borders legislators and activists. During the early months of the Trump administration, attempted border crossings sharply declined as potential lawbreakers took seriously the new president’s promises to enforce the law.

Soon, however, it became obvious that the Senate would filibuster to death any legislation or funding needed to strengthen and reform border security. More cities and even states began to provide sanctuary to illegal aliens, reviving the old doctrine of nullification to prevent the enforcement of federal law. The tide of illegal immigration began to rise again with this obstructionism providing much encouragement.

Now the extreme left is going even farther, with pledges to decriminalize illegal crossings, abolish ICE, tear down the existing border walls and provide generous welfare benefits for illegal immigrants. As Democrats debate this issue in preparation for 2020, it is time for that party’s moderates to speak up in favor of sanity. The crisis can be handled most effectively if there is a bipartisan effort to enforce the laws, rather than partisan gridlock. The security of our nation demands no less.



The writer is the chairman of the Conservative Caucus.

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