To the editor:

A recent article ("Churches fighting for their salvation," June 30) made me say "going to church alone won't save you and never will." The article stated that enrollment in churches was dropping, and a few churches were closing their doors. Think about that, folks, when years ago it seemed almost every church was at full capacity. Some were at times "standing room only," and if you didn't come early enough, all seats would be taken.

Did you know entertainment seems to draw a lot of folks to church today? Just recently I saw a billboard sign that read "a free cup of coffee" if you get there on Sunday by 10 o'clock. I'm thinking, wonder if I could get a doughnut with that coffee? We also know that well-known singing groups seem to draw a crowd and get people excited to attend church.

Getting back to church closings, I say if false doctrine is taught inside, then the church should be closing its doors anyway. Only the "truth" should be accepted inside. Have you noticed it seems every church is teaching the truth, and you can walk in any church and feel okay? We all know or should know that this is not the case.

A lot of people today are following the preacher and not what the "Good Book" says. Finally, as we all know many people choose not to go to church and feel OK about it. Others attend church on a regular schedule and decide if it closes there will be another one close by to attend and say it's not big deal. Time marches on.