City will operate in darkness

To the editor:

There is a dark cloud hovering over the city of Martinsville because city officials instituted a communications black-out because of a broken switch on a VCR (“You can only watch city council meetings in person,” Aug. 27). No longer will the citizens have the ability to watch on TV the actions and decisions made by the officials that they elected into office to serve on the city council and school board. There is a saying, “information is power,” but in this city there is no need to keep all the people informed.

If you control communication, you control information, pure and simple. It is interesting that at the time when people really need to be informed, the communications equipment breaks down. It is easy to subdue people if they are not informed. The process of converting the city of Martinsville into a town is moving forward through the process of giving less information to the citizens. In the old days it was called “keeping them in the dark”. The process is simple: If you do not know, you cannot act, and then you just have to take what is coming.

City officials cannot understand the importance of being transparent and providing its citizens with current information that concerns their daily lives. It is interesting that a 15-year-old kid can take a computer he made at home and hack into a government super computer, but it takes $100,000 for the city to fix a VCR to be able to post a video on YouTube. Hire the 15-year old kid.




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