To the editor:

Although some would find it hard to believe I have been doing some thinking. We have entered a new era in the commonwealth of Virginia.

The legislature in Richmond is run by a majority Democratic party, and we will get to see and feel what liberals think is commonsense legislation. Everything from corporal punishment and minors using tanning beds, to opening the abortion industry to operate without constraint. We have a governor that has indicated that he plans to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals and ease the penalties for criminals, all while doing the moonwalk.

We have over 100 localities, counties, towns and cities that have voiced their dislike for proposed gun legislation. By contrast we have legislators that have implied that they will force compliance using the National Guard and a governor who hinted that he would cut utilities to force compliance. Sounds like Venezuela to me.

There are those who threatened to leave the USA if Donald Trump won the election, and I'm sure there are folks that will threaten to leave Virginia over the last state election. I for one will not leave my home, but the Democrats are encouraged to go to California. They would feel welcome there. They won't feel welcome in Virginia for very long.



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