Don’t put words in my mouth

To the editor:

It is important that I respond to fake news which was attributed to me by Mr. Bill Barnes of Spencer. We all know the result when one assumes.

It offends me personally that he stated my hate for President Trump and put those words in my mouth. Disagreement is not hate, dissent is not hate. Mr. Barnes did not offer this as an opinion — he stated it as fact. He does not and cannot know what is in my heart. His other assumptions and implications refer to my choice of media information. I am sorry that he feels MSNBC serves Kool-Aid. I drink from the well of truth from all media sources, but an effort must be made to identify truth vs. lies and “alternate facts” to form opinions.

If Mr. Barnes has read my other opinion letters, he would know that I am about loving one another. It must always be that way. More important to me is to remember that words matter, deeds follow words, and body language is real. I certainly pay attention to President Trump.

I encourage Mr. Barnes to keep ringing his bell, but let it ring true. Keep it factual, not hateful, and not personal.



The duty to protect life

To the editor:

Your article about the spread of the coronavirus (“10 new cases continue surge,” May 18) detailed the suffering and death that COVID-19 is inflicting throughout the West Piedmont Health District. Undoubtedly, this pandemic’s destructive power is testing America’s resolve. In response, government officials made safeguarding human life their top priority and, accordingly, enacted public health policies designed to minimize America’s death toll.

Interestingly, our nation’s response to COVID-19 aligns with Thomas Jefferson’s views on governing; in 1809 he wrote, “The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” ( Surely, Jefferson considered our right to life the cornerstone of American democracy. However, this foundational principle of protecting, not destroying, human life has been abandoned by many in our nation.

Following the Roe v. Wade decision, a deep schism grew between those espousing Jeffersonian, life-affirming values, and those promoting the destruction of human life through abortion on demand. Today, officials supporting abortion dismiss scientific evidence from ultrasound images revealing the unborn baby’s indisputable humanity. They allow helpless children to be treated like disposable objects, subjected to violent deaths as abortionists dismember them. Some abortion clinics even harvest baby body parts to sell for profit.

Why does this grievous injustice continue? Large sectors of the public have misplaced priorities; they think insuring reproductive freedom is a higher object of good government than protecting human life. Clearly, freedom to destroy unborn life is not true freedom, but a form of totalitarianism, giving the strong power to eliminate the weak. The 2020 election gives Americans the opportunity to reinforce respect for life. Let’s resolve to vote only for pro-life candidates and to do all we can to protect unborn children, remembering Isaiah 1:17 (NKJV): “… Seek justice, Rebuke oppressors, Defend the fatherless…”



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