Everyone should be recycling

To the editor:

So first of all. I think everyone should recycle. It’s not only unhealthy for plants if you don’t recycle. It’s animals too! Our drinking water could be purer if everyone recycled.

The most affected habitat by not recycling is the ocean. This is because most of the “trash” that humans throw away goes to landfills, which partly connects to the ocean.

Animals in the ocean either think that this unrecycled “trash” is either food or a new type of plant or coral. They see if it is suitable for them to live in by swimming in the “trash,” and they can get choked. If they eat it, the same effects will happen. This is a major problem with plastic rings on 6, 8, 12 or 24 mini soda can packs and bottle caps.

Has anyone ever watched “Happy Feet?” A character gets one of those plastic rings around his neck and chokes once or twice on it and almost dies because of it. That movie gives kind of the same message I’m sending you right now. A lot less people in this world recycle, and I think everybody should, so our Earth’s wildlife will live longer.

I hope you will spread this word to various people and help this world live better.


Sixth-grader from Spencer

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