Faith leaders want to bless community

To the editor:

Since moving to Martinsville, I have been fortunate to build significant relationships with many faith leaders in this community. Together we have worked and continue to work for the welfare of this community, as scripture instructs us. I have served as pastor in many areas of Virginia, but nowhere have I enjoyed the collegiality of clergy as I have enjoyed it in Martinsville/Henry County. The “Back2school” event this past weekend is the latest example.

I am grateful to share in such ministries, knowing that none of us cares who gets the credit, we simply want to help our neighbors who have need. I thank my friends of other churches and other faiths who find what matters most is working together to build up this community — you continue to enrich my life and faith. I hope my experience of serving in this community is also yours.

I write this because I want you who live in this community to know of the desire we leaders of faith have to bless this community. Hateful and destructive letters that attack a fellow pastor do nothing to uplift anyone; such letters in no way represent Christ or his church.




The writer is pastor of First United Methodist Church, Martinsville.