For richer, for poorer

To the editor:

A recent article in the “Bulletin” “Using some might against blight” (June 18) made me say that dilapidated houses when I came up. in the 1960s and ‘70s, were not a bad thing. Think about it, friends, when I first started out in life, it seemed older, run-down homes were like living in luxury.

I was proud to be poor even though money back then was not plentiful as it is today. Did you know the more you have in life the more it costs you? I’m thinking folks today want the finer homes and the newer vehicles and probably wouldn’t live like us poor folks.

As I see it, big mortgage payments and very high vehicle payments just don’t cut it. Another way of saying it is: A lot of people are “trying to keep up with the Joneses.”

Did you know contentment means everything in life? Did you know also that me living in a mobile home for 17 years got me in the best shape financially my whole entire life? I still drive a vehicle that’s 21 years old and am proud of it. Did you know an older vehicle will get you the same place as a new one will?

I tell people that I would rather have money in my pocket than have it tied up in real estate and automobiles. People say, “but we only live one time in this life, and I want the best.” And I say: Don’t complain when that payment comes around and the quality of life seems to disappear. Sadly in life we only get to enjoy what we have (new or old) for a short while, and then, in most cases, someone else gets to use it for a while.