Happy Independence Day

To the editor:

Here it is a couple of days before what should be our nation’s proudest and single most important celebration, and what do we read? The New York Times runs a “video” news piece declaring that the United States isn’t anywhere as exceptional as we are led to believe, and a Gallup Poll declares that America’s best days are behind us.

I choose to ignore everyone that tries to steal my “joy” or make me think less of this nation.

Our past heritage is important … all of it! The good, the great, the bad, the ugly and, of course, the beautiful.

I hope all of us (Americans) make this Independence Day 2019 the most enjoyed and celebrated of our lifetimes. You deserve it! You earned it, so put a smile on your face and safely spend the day celebrating being a citizen of the greatest country on Earth.

It is a great nation because you are great. You are an American!

May God continue to bless this, our country, and all of it richest assets: “you, our people”!

Happy Independence Day!