Homicide article was insufficient

To the editor”

The Bulletin published an unfeeling article about the interpersonal homicide of Amber Ives, allegedly by her husband, David Ives (“Martinsville man charged with killing his wife after reporting she had committed suicide,” Oct. 18). I do not dispute the nuts and bolts of this article, but my concerns are threefold: the use of inaccurate vocabulary; the placement of the article; and a lack of any resources offered to educate the public.

First, this is now and always has been a domestic violence story if there ever was an intimate/family relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. The Bulletin omits this aspect completely. It should be practice for reporters to reference “domestic violence” when describing this type of crime. The author should give the public a vocabulary with which to identify this societal issue. You have to label the conduct correctly in order for readers to understand it correctly.

Second, we cannot call ourselves a developed people if we do not respect women. Respect would’ve been if the Bulletin had published this article more prominently than it did the article headlined “What to do About the Old Pig Path Road?”

Third, the Bulletin should act on its responsibility to our community and inform its readers about the pervasiveness of domestic violence in our area, consult with experts who can offer educated information and publish resources that are available to help women and families who have before or are now living in fear.



EDITOR’S NOTE: The newspaper must, in reporting criminal matters, legally adhere to the charges and summations included in records related to the case.

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