To the editor:

I read with interest the Martinsville Bulletin article ("Judge: Board did not discriminate," May 21) that made me immediately wonder what would have happened if Angela Weinerth had been black and a white, interim school superintendent had made this same reassignment. My guess is some big-time ramifications would have happened to that superintendent.

Remember, this then-interim superintendent is the same one who stated in the Bulletin that “minority students do better and do well when they have people in authority who look like them."

I ask everyone reading this article, what would have happened to a white superintendent who said white kids would rather have a white teacher? Most of us know the answer. He or she would have been fired amid the outrage from the media and some in the community. Why did the interim superintendent hear nothing, obviously because of that key liberal go-to term of "racism."

Nobody wants to be labeled with that most-dreaded word, including the media, school board or even the federal judge that made the decision.

But of course, now I will be labeled a flaming racist for printing the truth, and I can just hear the liberal outrage coming. When you can have a Black Entertainment Network, a Black Ms. America, Black Entertainment Awards, predominantly black colleges and black clubs, it is easy to see a double standard. All this is fine but, if these things were all white screams of racism would be shouted to the mountain tops. It is pretty obvious that the color of one’s skin is always going to come into play, but it seems very one-sided to me that black is fine, white is racist.

We all get it, past indiscretions by the white population has brought all this on, and apparently no amount of moving forward will ever be enough. We still have the race baiters out there shouting discrimination and not even having a black president, attorney general and many other great accomplishments will ever be enough. It seems that it will always remain. When you are proud to be black, that is pride; when you are proud to be white, that is racist.

We need to strive to mend the racial divide and be just Americans.