How dare our politicians act like this?

To the editor:

To the Democrats: I want to thank you for all you have done for this country. You have given us all the opportunity to be a part of the leisure class by providing a check without any expectation of output from the receiver. Thank you for feeding our children through SNAP and TANF and the ever-popular school lunch programs, all without parents having actually to provide any food. Thank you for giving us a health care system that forces hospitals to care for the poor while passing the cost onto the paying patients. Thank you for giving us a sprawling government that attempts to take care of our every need, except for the security of our schools, major cities and our borders. Thank you for inviting folks from other countries to enter our fair land to take from our government food for their children, health care for their families and welfare for their households without ever having to pay into the system that covers the cost of these entitlements.

To you Republicans, I say: Darn you for expecting us to be responsible for our own children, our own income and our own health care. Darn you for thinking that it’s okay to keep out of this country people who give nothing into the system, while taking so much out. Darn you for not allowing our politicians to enrich their children while serving in high office. Oh and darn you for thinking you have the right to defend yourselves against trouble. Hand your guns to the government. They’ll take are of you! And the biggest condemnation: Darn you for putting a man into office who has improved our economy in such a way that our unemployment is low, our taxes have been decreased and our investments have increased. To quote a recently heard voice: “How Dare You?”



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