To the editor:

As we watch the impeachment process unfold, I am reminded of the Nixon/Watergate hearings and of Bill Clinton’s impeachment. With Nixon’s cover-up of the break-in at the Watergate Hotel, Republicans had no problem holding him to the Constitutional standards of crimes and misdemeanors. With Clinton, one lie under oath was all it took to get the House vote, led by the Republicans.

Now, Republicans are faced with acts by a president who, if he were a Democrat, would mean condemnation and impeachment.

So what’s different? The law and the Constitution haven’t changed. Was has changed is the role of media in the equation. In the 1970s, there was no Fox News or right-wing radio to spew propaganda disguised as news; you had print and broadcast journalists who reported factually. Now a sizable segment of voters have bought into an alternate reality. Soliciting the help of a foreign government to get elected is okay; a president who has lied not once but thousands of times is just politics; to demean a person for his or her religion or nationality is the American way in 2019.

The Republican Party and a chunk of the country has sold its soul to a man whose only allegiance is to himself and money. He doesn’t care about the party or his base and would betray either to advance his own agenda. And the changing media landscape has enabled this sad state of affairs. I never thought voting Republican would be un-American.



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