To the Editor:

I have convinced myself that in the next year and a half our leader of the nation will do or say something so outrageous that he will be forced to resign or will be censured to the extent that he will not be an effective commander in chief. Forget impeachment, there is not enough courage in the House or in the Senate to make it happen. They are afraid of the fall-out.

Impeachment would have to be a lock-tight case to happen. Furthermore, I do not want to see a moment of a President Pence.

President Trump can bask in his view of success in office, but his present and past stupid tweets, his inept conduct as president and his fidelity to Putin and other dictatorships will eventually cause his base to question him.

Please stay attentive to factual news. Do no let this historic time pass your life unnoticed. It will be our freedom of the press, the media that will bring truth.