To the editor:

I am writing this letter not for myself but for all humanity in Martinsville and the surrounding areas. This could have happened to anyone. If principle and ethics are compromised to serve self in high places of authority, then all humanity can suffer.

On June 27 I had a hearing in the Martinsville Circuit Court about being wrongfully incarcerated. The judge asked the assistant commonwealth's attorney what she had to say. She said the commonwealth will not contest the charges because I had no criminal record and have not been in trouble with the law. She said the only thing she saw on my record was a speeding ticket.

Then the judge said he would like to apologize to me for the wrong that was done to me and my family. He said he would like to apologize on behalf of the courts, for what was done to me should not have been done to anyone and that he hoped it would not happen to anyone again.

He granted me an expungement order for capital murder, conspiracy, use of firearm and shooting into an occupied dwelling and ... subsection F (acquittal/dismissal) of writ of actual innocence. This was a great day for all humanity.



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