To the editor:

What would I like to say to Caleb Roberston: Your first teacher was your mother. Your first everything was your mother. Even Jesus' first teacher was his mother, Mary.

This world is going to hell because of the mistreatment of women, all the way back to Adam and Eve, Genesis 3:6: “She took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat.” So who do you say is wrong? It’s not the woman because God did not tell her nothing. The man is the older. You always leave the oldest in charge. Matthew 27:55 says “...and many women where there beholding afar off which followed Jesus from Galilee  Ministering: unto him 6 or more women.”

If women could minister to Jesus, why not anyone else? The most honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “A woman could do anything except one thing, and that thing is she shouldn’t do anything to degrade herself.”

Robertson asks why First Baptist would hire a preacher who openly supports Islam as an acceptable religion? What does Islam mean? It means "entire submission to do the will of God." And Jesus submitted entirely to do the will of God to death.

The Bible is older than all of mankind but not almighty Allah (God), who sent all the prophets and messengers. The name alone will not save anyone. What Jesus and Muhammad taught will save whoever obeys what they taught. It’s the (Word) that saves. Both Jesus and Muhammad, taught the same thing.

Submit your will to do the will of Allah (God). Jesus and Muhammad were sent by almighty Allah (God) to do the work of the father.

We all can become a Jesus and a Muhammad and bring heaven to the Earth. then the Lord’s prayer will be answered.



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