To the Editor

It has taken a while for my hand to heal, and it will be longer for our country to mend. There is a topic both local and national that I need to address.

Our Bible in the Old and New Testaments speaks of commandments and the laws of that time. I know that often conflicts emerge, that the rule then is out of step with current accepted behavior. Biblically, slavery, working on the Sabbath and women not inclusive in any leadership or respectful status are concepts we find unacceptable today. We will not revert to those concepts.

The recent outrage on dissent of the “straight vs. gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender” is disturbing. First off, I am straight, but I know that the alternative is not by choice. The LBGT folks I have met are trying to pursue what we all want in our society: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Consider it like your blood type. It is what it is; you got what you got. You can certainly have an opinion about LBGT folks but you cannot be a decider on the sin or approval because that is up to our creator, who knows our heart and soul and will be the decider for each of us when it is our time to leave this life.

Rather perhaps it is time to revisit other scriptures: John 13:34, and John 3:17-21. If LGBT folks do not impact your life, let the Lord in his mercy deal with them in due time.