To the editor:

The billboard showing one man plus one woman equals marriage was not a sign of hate. It was simply a reminder of what God ordained as marriage. It did not mention anything about hating anybody but was an attempt to re-establish the true concept of what has become the battered misconception of marriage.

The main job of any church or ministry is to guide people morally and put souls in heaven. No job is more important. To do this or to save souls, churches must be teachers of the Word, explainers of right from wrong. Nowhere else do we get explanations of the Ten Commandments. Nowhere else do we see right from wrong in the eye of God. This is the reason we should go to church. It is important that we learn this especially for our children. Without instruction from church, we humans quickly go astray. We lose our self-control, We lose our core values for living a peaceful life in coexistence with our neighbors.

There is no peace in our homes, in our neighborhoods or in the world, because we don't even know how God wants us to live. ... Wake up! Live the way God wants us to live, and then there will be peace. If we followed God's guidelines, the Ten Commandments, then we will have peace. Seek out a church that teaches the Word. Then support it.


Kernersville, N.C.

The writer is the head of Thou Shalt Ministries, which erected in Martinsville a billboard about same-sex marriage.